About Katie Vonasek  (va-NAW-sik)


Artist. California Girl. Married to my BFF. Pug mom. Feminist. Vegetarian. Oil Painter. Indie Folk Music. Neat Freak. Hiking. Beach. Netflix. Roses. Germaphobe. Sunsets. Cupcakes. Coffee. Farms. Family. Warm Weather. Sunscreen. Doc Martens. Romantic Comedies. Love Stories. BOUDOIR.


It's all about GIRL POWER. 

I have immense pride in Boudoir Photography and consider it my true passion. I believe Boudoir is important, empowering, freeing, and uplifting for women in a world where we are constantly told how to look, be, and dress/not dress. I want my clients to know that its okay to be showy and sexy in a world with so much criticism and judgement. Let's be different!

You deserve to put yourself first for a change and invest in a luxurious experience as a reminder that you are beautiful. Flaunt yourself!